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Magento Forum - Report reason for Decline to user? 
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Joined:  2009-08-24

I recently switched over to payment gateway on my website, and so far I am happy with the ease of integrating my site with the system through the default Magento module.  There is one aspect that I would be interested in modifying, however, and I’m wondering if anyone has any information on the topic.

When a user submits a transaction using the system and the card is Declined for whatever reason, Magento responds to this case by popping up a Javascript alert saying the card was declined.  I am wondering if it is easy to capture the reason WHY the transaction was declined so that we can then allow the user to correct possible mistakes that caused the card to fail to validate (invalid Zip Code, CVV2 Code, etc).

I know the API is returning this information along with the Declined message, so I’m wondering if its a matter of writing a completely custom module that can handle this or if it’s something the default module is able to handle with some tweaking.


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