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Safari 1 browser detection
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I have a client who uses Safari v1.2 on a mac. This browser is about 4 years old which is obviously pretty long in the tooth and it seems incompatible with some of the latest javascript standards including those used by Magento.

If this was IE5 I’d just tell them to upgrade their browser and be done with it but it seems Apple does not allow you to update Safari beyond v1 on older versions of its OS. They want you to upgrade the whole OS. You can of course use Firefox, Opera etc.. but a lot of users on OSX Jaguar would continue to use Safari as a matter of course.

Can anyone recommend a foolproof browser detection script that can be added to Magento? There is already a script that detects for javascript which is turned on in the admin. Ideally I’d like to add to the message which comes up there with a message to switch to a current browser. Or a modal window would be even better.

Another reason why Varien should make Magento work without the need for javascript.

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