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Custom .htaccess help needed—anyone with mod_rewrite experience? 
Scott Munn
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My team and I are working on redirecting outdated links to our store (with the URL scheme from a previous store package) to the search function of Magento.  However, we are having some serious troubles with it.  I searched some of the other threads on here regarding htaccess but no one had seemed to come across a resolution, so I wanted to see if anyone with mod_rewrite experience could just take a look and see if our rule is written incorrectly.

RewriteCond %{THE_REQUEST} ^servlet/(\w+)?$ [NC]
^servlet/(\w+)$  index.php/catalogsearch/result/?q=$1

Basically we want any old URL from to go to  How can we get this working?

Thanks for all of your help!

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The problem is the question mark in the URL - no matter where you move it in the .htaccess or the httpd.conf it will not work. The solution I came up with was to place some of the cms pages in the htaccess/httpd.conf and then use a modified version of the mxperts sku-in-the-url plugin. This looks for prod=xxxxx strings and also for cat=xxxxx strings. On top of that I was able to have a couple of lookup arrays for anything that was missed. I took the ‘more results from...’ URL’s that were on google and made sure that every single one went to where I needed it to go.
This solution was more elegant because it copes with multi-store, also the apache is not stuffed with huge lookup tables. I also was able to avoid doing the catalog search that you seem to be heading for, it goes straight to the page.
I would like to put what I have out here or on the wiki for the benefit of others, but it would take me a little while to strip out the site specific stuff and I just have not had time for that. PM me if you want the files, or, if you are selling anything worth having then I am sure we could come to an arrangement wink

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