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Dynamically creating a new store (on the fly)….. hacks and where to start…
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I have been looking around a bit for 1st. A module, (commercial or otherwise), that will allow a user to create a store of their own.  I haven’t found much.  Unfortunatly the searching on the Magento site is not quite up to date so I can’t look for Extensions by keyword(s).  But that aside.  If anyone knows of a Extension for this please let me know. 

So I want to be able to let a user come to the main store and click a link that says something like “Get your own store!” Then it will take them to a page where several questions are asked, such as store name, blah blah.  Then the really tough part.... what code is responsible for creating stores?  I mean I am sure there are a lot involved since there are several fields needed to be filled, (according to the video):

Creating Multiple Stores on the Fly

Great stuff and I am thankful to those who put it together.  About 20% through the video at the beginning of step 2 - Creating a new root category for the second website we go in to Magento and do some things.  I would like to know how to do all of this dynamically....  I mean, the first step I can probably program some sort of script to do, not so difficult, however I have no idea what is going on in the next bits and where these files/code is located in order to work out.

Could someone give me some advice?

Thanks and Magento is awesome!


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