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How to autoscroll to shipping methods section in one page checkout after clicking continue? 
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2013-09-04

Hi, this question deals with the one page checkout page.

I want the browser to autoscroll down to the shipping methods section after clicking the continue button on the billing address section(with ‘SHIP TO THIS ADDRESS’ checked). The autoscroll should happen right after the shipping methods section gets populated.

The below code works, but not in the correct order - the scrolling occurs first, then the ajax request for the billing address gets processed, and finally the shipping method section is expanded/populated. I do not want that - I want the ajax request to complete and the shipping method section to be populated before scrolling down.

Is there someway to delay the scroll until the ajax request is finished and the shipping method section is expanded?

var jQuery.noConflict(); 
//Click event handler for continue button on billing address section
j("#billingContinueButton").click(function (){
//check to see if 'SHIP TO THIS ADDRESS' radio button is checked
//animate scroll to shipping method section
j("html, body").animate({
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