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Segmented Email Lists using own SMTP server
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Hi.  Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, but it looked like the best place to post this.

We’ve been using X-Cart for almost ten years now, and have highly customized our instance to what we wanted it to do over the years.  However, we are now in the process of moving to Magento (EE v1.13.x) and are trying to replace as much of the custom coding we’ve done with either core Magento functionality or via extensions.  One of these custom tools we’ve built is a segmented email system which provides some nice features on both the customer and admin sides.  Some examples are:

Customer Side -
1) Customers can add or remove themselves from either individual lists or all lists at once
2) Customers can view past email promotions to help them decide whether or not a particular list is right for them.

Admin Side -
1) Site admins can create new lists and assign list to existing category (things like, ‘Promotions’, ‘Events’, ‘How To’) or create a new category for the list
2) Lists can be created as an empty list, allowing customers to add themselves manually.  Can pre-populate lists based on any combination of sales data, location, products purchased, etc.
3) Lists can be created as hidden so that they do not show up on the customer side *unless* the customer is subscribed to that list
4) Set up triggers which will automatically send an email to the customer when certain conditions are met

It is a bit more robust than this, but I just wanted to give some examples and we know that we may lose some functionality going with an extension vs rolling our own code into Magento.  The main feature (outside of being able to have multiple lists) we’re looking for is the ability to use our own SMTP server.  We’ve looked at extensions like MailChimp, and while it does pretty much everything we need on the customer and admin sides, mail is sent through their servers at a cost.  If our SMTP server was going away with the launch of our Magento site, we’d have no problem paying someone else to send our customer promotional emails, but our server will be staying.

Does anyone have a recommendation for an extension that can manage the lists for us (with many of the same features of something like MailChimp) but allow us to use our own SMTP server for the sending?

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