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Help! My website’s content pages have gone missing! 
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Joined:  2013-09-11

Hello everyone,

My website,, is having a major issue as of right now. We had designed it originally to have a first page blog, shop page and other pages within that will provide content to the web viewer.

As of yesterday, the content for the About Us, Events, History, Contact Us and Cart pages have been replaced with the following message:

“There are no products matching the selection.” As you can see here:

When I go to my back end admin panel, I view the pages separately on the CMS tab and my original content still exists there!

So apparently, the magenta platform is reading the entire website as a shopping page- when we should only have ONE shopping page and multiple pages that just provide further description for my brand.

Can someone please give me advice as to what the problem might be and if it is an update issue, how can I update my Magento platform? (I am a newbie to e-commerce).

Any help is appreciated.


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