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Improving customer registration and reducing login errors
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New customer registration requires input of email address (once) and password (twice).

Magento checks the password (if both inputs are equal) but not the email. So if the store requires confirmation, the customer waits and waits for the confirmation email, that never comes. If the store doesn’t require confirmation, the customer can’t log in with his/her right address the next time, requests a new password and is told that the email address doesn’t exist (the wrong one exists, but the customer doesn’t know it).

Custmer gets angry, customer service must correct the account, this costs time and money.

It would be nice to have the email address checked the same way the password is checked. Can the code used to check the password be “recycled” to check the email address too? Where can I find this code?

I believe this little change can help a lot of other people with similar problems.

Thnks for any help.

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