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There have been a few posts about this already but I still haven’t seen a good answer.  There is an excellent wiki article on creating a custom module that shows up in the adminhtml but a very very big part that is missing is being able to create your own database module and pulling data from that into a grid view to edit and into the main page view.  I am building a lot of CMS functionality into the site and for example I need to create a Dealer Module.  All this would do is have a menu item that would have two sections a grid view that pulls all the data for the dealers from a table (i.e. dealer_stores) and a page to edit the dealer or add a new one.  The frontend block would merely show the dealers in a grid.  Now this seems like a very simple procedure but the question is how to create your own database tables that use the Magento models to pull the data.  After looking through almost all of the files all the way down to the Zend framework and Varien extending classes I still can’t quite grasp how to create my own resource models, etc.  Anyone have any ideas because as soon as I get these modules done I will happily release them on here and how I coded them so that others know.


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