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Can this be done without hampering core updates? 
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A customer wants something like the following, expanding on the existing customer account:

Main account (uses Frontend, available in multiple languages)
- can create and edit Sub accounts
- can edit the addresses of Sub accounts
- can customize the sub accounts:
- - set a budget and limits
- - can they see prices
- - Main account has to give clearance on orders issued by Sub accounts (switchable)
- can see orders done by Sub accounts
- order history can be filtered by country, articles, Sub accounts for example
- email notification of Main account(s) when Sub account issues an order

Sub account (uses Frontend, available in multiple languages)
- can edit their own addresses
- can view their own order history
- can download documents as PDF (offers, delivery orders, order confirmations, reversals, bills)
- can download documents as PDF from the article pages like work instructions or application notes

Magento admin account (uses Backend, single language is sufficient)
- can define which Sub accounts may order which articles
- has a new menu item to administrate the Main accounts
- can allocate article numbers
- can customize shipping and/or delivery charges
- orders have to be customizable (order numbers, invoice numbers, order status)
- new order have to be able to be added manually or through an ERP system
- link to the ERP system of the customer and the ERP systems of his customers

Is it possible to do that in an extension, or would the base code have to be changed to get these features? I know some of the mentioned stuff is basic shop software features. But as far as I know the main account functionality would need to be done as a Backend role with sub stores to group Main and Sub accounts. Which would require the Enterprise edition, and it would be a Backend login, while the request explicitly says Main Account uses the Frontend.

So, is it possible to do that with an extension?
Would the community edition be sufficient as a basis for it, or would the Enterprise edition be required?

PS: I know some points are sparse. I don’t know how Main and Sub accounts are grouped. If you need to assume some information I didn’t provide, please say so in your answer.

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