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How do i dynamicly charge transaction costs both for ideal and paypall ? 
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I have a setup, where two payments methodes are configured.
on top of that, i have modified the code, so that a “dual” Multiple shipping rate was possible, both for price and weight, depending on the destination.

One of the payments methods is paypall and one is Ideal. Ideal charges 0.75 per transaction. Paypall is a dynamic formula.

i tricked the system now into adding a extra fee into the shipping rate, and then removing it with a discount....

However since this confuses end-users, instead of using a discount, i just would like to “add"the payment fee.

Does anybody know where to configure this ? or do i need to alter the code once more again to make this possible..
and if so, can somebody pin point me to the best location to change the code for the location of the “payment method transaction"costs ?

Thanks. Reinder.

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