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These are all the places that the top links live in the layout files.  If you would not like them to appear this is an easy way to comment out individual ones.

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Checkout Link

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I decided to just keep adding on as I find where all of these various links live in the Layout files.  I will keep adding as the day goes on.  Keep in mind the easiest way to get rid of these is to do an html/xml comment so that if you would like to re-enable them later it is not a big deal to just un-comment the lines.  If you look at the source after commenting them out they do not even show up in the source (i.e. just hidden) so it keeps the page clean also.

Look for <reference name="header">

Top Search

Welcome Message
Welcome Message

Comment out the code:
<strong><?php echo $this->htmlEscape($this->getWelcome()) ?></strong><br/>

Footer Links
Look for <reference name="footer_links"> and comment out the addLink method.

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