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CMS is not updating
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Joined:  2007-11-07
Westborough, MA

I was trying to follow along with the ‘Static Blocks’ screencast, and just like every other guide or screencast on this site, it’s outdated.  In the screencast, after the CMS block is created, it switches to the Catalog>Manage Categories tab.  This page now has 3 tabs at the top, ‘General Information’, ‘Category Products’, and ‘Custom Design’. 

So I do the best I can to follow along with the screencast, but it doesn’t work.  I click on “Electronics” on the categories listing, then scroll down to the pulldown menu that’s labeled “CMS Block”.  I choose the newly created static block (which only contains <p>FOO</p>) and hit Save Category.

Then I go back to /electronics on the frontend and refresh, expecting to see a change.  Nothing.  I’ve erased all the caches I can find, no change.  I’ve edited the ‘Electronics Landing’ CMS block, and the page reflects my changes.

The problem I seem to be having is that I cannot change the static block that is displayed on /electronics.  I’ve looked all over but have had no luck.

Someone want to help me out here?


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