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showing msrp (regular retail or savings) in addition to SCP sale price
immaterial thought
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I am looking for a way to show the the msrp retail price in addition to the price from created by SCP. By default magento shows both the price and the special price installing simple configurable products removes that functionality. Is it possible to gain that functionality within simple configurable products. We sell many products at prices significantly below msrp regular price and it is important that this mark down is conveyed to customers. For example these black diamond skis retail in excess of $600 (see example image) The tent image is an example of regular magento formatting. We are happy to donate funds if it would help bring this feature to simple configurable products.

By the way simple configurable products is a great extension without it magento would not work at all for our purposes.  Thanks

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I kind of have a similar problem with Magento. I have recently setup web services to retrieve the products via SOAP XML from another system. all attributes have been populated but the problem I have is the client wants to sell at the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price). so is there a way to use msrp price for default product price?

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