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Internal Server Errors - Still
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Good morning-
Trying for several days to install on a shared hosting server (HostRocket).  Can’t get anywhere with them regarding the pdo_mysql problems, so decided to try the php4 workaround (even though the host has php5.2.5 installed).  Followed all of those instructions to the letter and get the 500 internal server error.  Verified that the permissions are at 755 and that the location is correct (in accordance with the php5-cgi install instructions).  Still nothing.  After weeding through hundreds of forum posts on it and trying all of the suggestions including all of the business regarding rewrites in .htaccess, the 500 error is still there.  Is there any magic bullet on this?  I’m about to give up and just go back to osCommerce, but I really don’t want to do that.  I just don’t have any idea what else to try.

Location to phpinfo (which also gets the internal server error)

To cgi-bin:

Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

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