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Success! DB errors? Start a new DB. 
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Joined:  2008-02-03

I finally broke down and contacted the support staff of my host, and they installed the app for me. I was trying to install Magento over the previous version of the database, which is why I was having the mySQL issue of already-existing tables.

It’s now installed and the pages are loading at about 2-3 seconds so things appear to be fantastic currently.

I should mention - I was trying to install the 1.0 into the same DB as the previous one, but I set it up using a unique prefix, so, apparently, the prefix is not being included with every table during the install? I was too nervous to wipe out the old DB before doing a new install. It may have been pointed out previously, but is there a way to either fix this or to put up warnings that, if you’re installing into a DB that already has a running version, this error will occur?

Maybe I saw that and assumed I was avoiding that problem by using a unique prefix.

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