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Use “Custom Options” in Shopping Cart Price Rules? 
Greg Bull
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Joined:  2008-11-18

Hi All

New, here and love what I see so far.

Quick Question:

I have a product that I want to offer a special deal for, eg.

Buy any 2 large posters for $20.

I have these setb as simple products, and use “Custom Options” to allow custome to choose the size they want.

It looks to me that Custom Options are not available to use as selection criteria with Shopping Cart Price Rules - true?

I have had a good look at attributes, and can see how it can be done with that, but that would mean that I would need to create a product for the 4 different sizes that I sell, whe I would rather show the product one, and allow the user to select size form within product detail.

So, is it possible to imp;ement this special price for a simple product with Custom Options, or
is it possible to do what I need with attributes (without duplicating my product for ach option)?




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