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Detailed product info produces blank page
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Hello everyone,

I must say I have enjoyed reading the many postings here… I would have been stuck many times without reading postings about someone else having the same issue.

My new problem is when I click on a specific product to look at it in more detail it goes to a blank page. All the products do that. It seems to go to the specific product page ok (http://www.mystore/index.php/books/this-nice-book.html) but it is blank.

I can view the detailed product info in the Admin section fine.

It used to work last week, but I suppose I must have inadvertently did something in my configuration edits to create this, but I have gone through all of the changes and still can’t see why these pages are blank.

I was hoping someone may have experienced this before me and was able to find a solution.

I am using Magento v1.0 and after several re-installs have finally got just about everything working. Please do not advise me to upgrade my version of Magento… I have tried to do this several times and it becomes un-useable for a number of reasons.

Tried uploading the original “catalog.xml” (under app/design/frontend/default/default/layout thinking maybe I made some changes here that are affecting things, but this hasn’t helped.

I am looking for info on a file or section of code that needs to be tweaked to give me the detailed product info.

Any insight would be helpful!



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Did you manage to fix this please?

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