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Images nd image zoom
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2009-01-20

Hi guys,

My apologies if this has been answered before or if this is a stupid question, but it is ragging my head so i am going to ask it anyway.

Basically, on the magento product detail page, there is an area to display an image. This area on my site is 367px x 393px (almost square).
Many of the images uploaded to the site are much bigger than 367px x 393px so that the zooming facility works (and this is all working nicely).

The only problem I have, is that some images provided for the site are landscape, or very tall, and therefore look very small in the area, as the zoomer is dropping the image size to fit them in. Often these landscape or very tall images are not centred or at the top of the image area, they appear to drop to the bottom and this looks alittle unsightly.

Have you guys got any tips or ideas for how to get all images to sit centrally or at the top of the area? I know that this problem often comes down inconsistent proportions of images, and cropping by hand is often required. But that is very labour intensive. Any litle nuggets you can share? It drives me mad.

Thanks alot, and again sorry if this is a daft/obvious question!

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