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Change product’s text and config in language store
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i will have several languages in my new website such as english, french, german…

what i want to know is how i can create 1 product with different language text ?

When i create a product and add it to a category, i cannot choose whether this product will be shown in the french store and not the english one for example.

i found a way to do so, but it’s quite experimental :

1) i create a category in root called english
2) i create another category in the root called french…
3) i attach the english store to the root english
4) i attach the french store to the root french
5) i create a product and select english as category
6) i duplicate this product and select french as category
7) i change english description with the french description, as i have 2 differents products it works

I can say that this method works, but i have many problem with it :
- The quantity should be the same because it’s the same product, but in the admin i have 2 different products.
- when duplicated, i have to upload the pictures back again
- when i click on manage product i have 2 times the same description, so i don’t know which one is the french or english until i check

how can i solve this problem, i’m pretty sure, it shoud be a more professional way to have different text for the same product.


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The way I do is:
Configure store to have many views according to languages You use (english,french etc)
Than configure all aspect of the views (currencies, templates etc)
Now adding product: add simple product, put basic values and save it with option “save and continue edit”
Than from upper left menu choose right store view (english or french) - Then You ll have option to edit default product-values (the ones You provide) with another one.
I know it isnt big help but important thing is to learn how changing store-views works. Many aspect of the store have option for “default” view and for all additional views. In my case I have dual language store. If I add product , after saving it Ill have to edit it and modify descriptions for another language by changinh store view and than modify values.

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