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Having major problems installing local development version on Vista w/Zend Server CE
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Joined:  2008-09-24

Maybe someone can help me.. I’m trying to set up a local development environment on my laptop to experiment with Magento.  I installed Zend Server CE, downloaded magento to the htdocs directory inside of Apache and started it up.  I specify my database information in the Configuration section, and verify that everything’s right, but when I hit continue it just seems to take forever (presumably creating all of the tables) and then all I get is a blank screen.  Checking the database, I see that it creates a bunch of tables, but I’m unable to proceed with anything else.  If I go back to http://localhost/magento, it tries to recreate the database automatically (maybe it thinks it didn’t finish setup and wants to resume?) and gives me the following error message:

Error in file: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Zend\Apache2\htdocs\magento\app\code\core\Mage\Sales\sql\sales_setup\mysql4-install-0.9.0.php” - SQLSTATE[42S01]: Base table or view already exists: 1050 Table ‘sales_flat_quote’ already exists
#0 C:\Program Files (x86)\Zend\Apache2\htdocs\magento\app\code\core\Mage\Core\Model\Resource\Setup.php(292): Mage::exception(’Mage_Core’, ‘Error in file: ...’)
#1 C:\Program Files (x86)\Zend\Apache2\htdocs\magento\app\code\core\Mage\Core\Model\Resource\Setup.php(167): Mage_Core_Model_Resource_Setup->_modifyResourceDb(’install’, ‘’, ‘0.9.38’)
#2 C:\Program Files (x86)\Zend\Apache2\htdocs\magento\app\code\core\Mage\Core\Model\Resource\Setup.php(155): Mage_Core_Model_Resource_Setup->_installResourceDb(’0.9.38’)
#3 C:\Program Files (x86)\Zend\Apache2\htdocs\magento\app\code\core\Mage\Core\Model\Resource\Setup.php(121): Mage_Core_Model_Resource_Setup->applyUpdates()
#4 C:\Program Files (x86)\Zend\Apache2\htdocs\magento\app\code\core\Mage\Core\Model\Config.php(263): Mage_Core_Model_Resource_Setup::applyAllUpdates()
#5 C:\Program Files (x86)\Zend\Apache2\htdocs\magento\app\code\core\Mage\Core\Model\App.php(263): Mage_Core_Model_Config->init(Array)
#6 C:\Program Files (x86)\Zend\Apache2\htdocs\magento\app\Mage.php(434): Mage_Core_Model_App->init(’’, ‘store’, Array)
#7 C:\Program Files (x86)\Zend\Apache2\htdocs\magento\app\Mage.php(455): Mage::app(’’, ‘store’, Array)
#8 C:\Program Files (x86)\Zend\Apache2\htdocs\magento\index.php(65): Mage::run()
#9 {main}

I even dropped and recreated the database, and it still says this instead of restarting the install wizard.  I literally have to remove the directory and re-extract it from the zip file in order to start the install process again, but the same thing happens.  Can someone assist me so I can get this set up and begin to evaluate it?  I know that Magento is designed on/works best on a Linux system, but I have to make do with Windows.

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Hi there! I just installed the Zend Server CE on a Vista x64 and had no problems getting Magento to install (considering that I have installed Magento dozens of times on my vista for fun and practice).

You do NOT need to delete and rezip.  When the install fails and goes buggy on ya, do 4 things to help right away.

1) Open index.php and uncomment #ini_set(display_errors, 1); (remove the # symbol)

2) Open phpMyAdmin (or your flavor) and reset the db you were installing into (dorp it and make it again fresh)

3) Open magento/app/etc/ and DELETE local.xml.  This is what was preventing you from getting the installer again. smile

4) Check that your Resource Limits are correct - in the Zend Server admin panel under Server Set Up --> Directives, there is a panel to change the resource limits from the php default.  You are most likely running into the script timeout of 30 seconds.  Find that and Raise it to 300 or something equally long to handle the process.  Bump up the script mem limit too while you are there.

Now go try it again!

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