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how to remove the dual links per product? 
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Joined:  2008-03-31


Currently, I have my website broken down into two categories: Men’s Shirts and Women’s Shirts. Each shirt will be uploaded twice, one in a men’s size and one in a women’s size.

What it is currently doing when I add the shirts is creating two separate links--one link within the confines of the category (/store/mens/spongebob/) and one independent of any category (/store/spongebob/). Some of the links on the Magento page go to one page, some go to the other. Please note that this is still just the male shirt. When I duplicate to create the female shirt, I end up with the proper /store/womens/spongebob/ link but I also get a /store/spongebob1/ link that is linked in some of the places. How do I consolidate these two links? Why is it that although an image is in a category, that the website still wants to link to an uncategorized shirt?

Also, is there a better way of doing what I am trying to achieve? Perhaps two separate stores? Is it possible to create linked items across different stores?


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