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General design difficulties and CMS management. 
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I’ve downloaded and installed Magento 1.0. Everything seems to be working, although I find Magento to be a bit slow. What I find irritating is that it’s hard to configure and intuitively understand what files to change in order to accomplish the result I’m looking for. Now, I’m not a web designer or programmer, but there really is a lack in guidance as to where to find what file controls what attributes. There are just TONS of files in TONS of directories.

As an example, I have a problem which is probably easy to overcome, but as a novice it’s hard for me to do it. I’m building a shop that I plan on launching in a few months time. I need to different languages - swedish and english. I have set up two stores for this. I need to create two CMS pages - one for each language. That’s all good, but where do I control which CMS page displays when someone clicks the “About us” link in the footer? The default identifier is “about-magento-demo-store”. I want to display “about-mystore-eng” for the english store and “about-mystore-swe” for the swedish store. Where is that controlled?

Also, in a previous release I fooled around some with graphics, and found an xml where I could change what images were displayed in the header. Which one was it? Also, I’d like to edit what colors the text is.

I’ll probably have a ton of questions in the coming months. I really want to learn how to manage and design the store myself.

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