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Shop By links and shop by lists not working
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2009-06-03

When I click on to a top category the ‘shop by’ box comes up - sometimes. I seem to have no control over when it comes up and when it does not.  If, eg, I click on to ‘Vet Bed’ the 4 subcategores come up in the box, but if I click on to them in the box I am not redirected tothe subcategory, I just stay on the same page. A customer will find this very annoying, as I do.

Further, another list comes up in the box which is called ‘size’ There is no attribute called just ‘size’ but there is one called vet bed sizes. The sizes listed are not complete as only half of them show. Vet bed sizes is set up to display on the front end and is filterable with results. The ones that do show up all show (0) by the side of them despite the fact there are lots of vet beds with the displaying sizes as attributes.

If I search ‘pink vet bed’ the pink one shows up but top of the list is a blue bed that does not have a pink attribute! 

I have come to the conclusion the ‘shop by’ box and the search facility in the site do not work properly. This will ruin the site. My only option will be to disable the ‘shop by ‘ box, if this is possible.

This is very disappointing at this stage as i cannot ditch the site now as Ihave spent too long working on it.

Does anyone have any idea? I am not the technical person ( as you can tell!) but I can pass on comments to my web man who is as frustrated as I am. I now understand why people have bespoke sites! Thanks

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