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Points/Rewards and Product Subscription
Sweet Tooth
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@acronis: Sweet Tooth has everything that J2T Reward Points has plus a tonne more.  We had to create a WIKI to list all the Sweet Tooth features.

Here are a few things that Sweet Tooth has that other extensions do not have:

- Robust rule system: ORGANIZE by which products will produce rewards and how much by Category, SKU, cost or any other product property. Everything you can do with the base Magento price rule system we’ve adopted to allow you to give points instead of the discount.  (see WIKI for many of them)
- Entire customer’s reward points section for customers to manage their points.
- : Includes an automatically mini rewards catalog
- : Includes the ability to send points to friends
- Points slider to gives customers the power to choose how many points to spend
- More customer-behavior-based ways customers can earn points
- : The way customers earn points can be customized to the max as a rule (by date, customer group, etc).
- : Reward customers for rating and reviewing products, signing up, voting in polls, telling friends about a product, signing up to the newsletter, making product tags, etc.
- Many more front-end display mechanisms so customers know what will earn them some points and how much.  For example: “You will earn 100 XYZ points for writing a review for this product”.
- Much higher control over uniqueness of “points” currency
- : Points image “currency” generator - create your own representations of points
- : Customize the language of points easily by modifying one template file: instead of saying “100 Points” say “100 Gold Pieces”
- HUGE usage of template system to allow for maximal customization (there are at least 80 different templates you can customize on the front-end alone!)
- Mass customer management system: distribute points to an entire customer group, an entire customer country, etc.
- In the back-end, there is a points tab in the Order View screen and in the Customer View screen so you can quickly see associated points and points histories in the back-end.
- Highly Object Oriented, open source coding structure for maximal customization, expandability and simplified debugging.
- Sweet Tooth API for easy extensibility.
And the list honestly goes on… but I feed like I’ve already answered your question by now smile. The feature list on the Sweet Tooth WIKI really lists most of the features in detail. The FAQ might also be useful as well as the The Sweet Tooth Reward Points main site. 

We’re constantly working on improving by accepting new suggestions and adding new features.  The Road Map shows this. You can send me an e-mail if you’re still curious and I’ll do my best to answer.

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My product subscription module is working greatly and it will work perfect on shop where customers are looking for selling magzinees or such products which needs renewal on scheduled interval....................

At my end I am able to Notify the customer that which product is going to expire on which date and also it sends reminding email to them as reminder as well then can see on their dashboard that which product is going to expiry so then can renewal it. IF they will renewal the product before expiry date then it automatically get the no. of days remains and add them to server so its sooooooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. PM me if anyone is interested and I am sure that most of the shops needs this feature as I don’t have time to put this as an extension.. I will the helping hand..................

I don’t like extensions companies doing there advertisement here and stealing ideas to make extensions… dang

sory for my bad english

Enjoy Magento smile

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New Delhi Area, India

tagNpin Social Loyalty Free Magetno Extension launches the Social Loyalty program across facebook and magento within minutes ( ).

It also has a free version and ready to fill rewards catalogue option.

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You can check out this Loyalty Program extension. It will enable you to reward customers with discounts using Magento shopping cart rules. You can also offer different levels of discount program to customers with various purchase history. This history will be visible to customers on their personal Loyalty Program Tab.

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