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How do I create virtual shops? 
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Joined:  2008-03-03


first of all I am ecstatic that Magento 1.0 is out. From the moment I discovered Magento there hasn’t been a single moment where I haven’t been surprised and amazed by the fantastic job you guys do. I am following some other Open Source projects quite closely and none are anywhere closely as professional as you guys. And you delivered at the day you said you would, something not even all vendors of paid for software are able to do. Fantastic.

But now to my question:

One of my customer(wholesaler) wants to offer his customers (retailer) to run web shops for them. His idea is that he sets up the products and the prices and takes care of the billing and delivery of goods. Each of his customers has their “own” shop with a different look and name and URL, but all stores just offer the products at the prices defined by my customer. Ideally but not absolutely necessary the order confirmation would also be send in the name of the retailer.

I did watch the two flash movies about multi sites but I am not entirely sure if I understood everything. So how would I set the above mentioned scenario?

Create one product root and then create a store per retailer or is one store enough and I just need to create different websites?


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