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Who’s the best Magento 1.0 host?
Crucial Web Hosting 2
MediaTemple Grid 0
MediaTemple dv 0
Simple Helix 4
Helping Hand Host 2
Infinet & Evergraph 0
Netpaths 0 1
SUREclient 1
Total Votes: 10
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Magento Hosting Shoot-out… Share your experience
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I realize this is not really an installation problem but more of a concern. I’ve decided to start a forum post to continue the hosting discussion on the Magento Blog here:
The discussion went off-topic from MediaTemple to who’s the best Magento Host.

I’m researching the best/fastest hosting environments for Magento and I would like to hear the experience of actual hosting customers. I’d rather not have the hosts themselves post here, but the actual customers and their experience with their Magento host(s).

The MediaTemple one-click install sounded promising at first but their benchmarks stink as of today. In my opinion 11 second page loads are far too long. Abandonment rates will skyrocket. Crucial Host and SimpleHelix seem to have the best load times but their seems to be some mistrust about SimpleHelix and their marketing practices.

Please share your real live experience with your Magento 1.0 hosting provider.

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