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Attribute Filter Collapse in Magento
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I am hoping someone can help me with this small problem as I am new to magento.

We are using stockinthechannel magento extension to import products, categories and attributes. The category specific filters (shopping filters) change depending which type of product you are looking at so for a Hard drive the filters could include – read / Write speed, size of drive, etc whilst on Notebooks it could be the size of the screen and the processor family etc.

Some Categories include a large number of filters which whilst very useful, can start to look messy on the page as the list of filter values can be longer than the list of displayed products (determined by your Magento display settings you have set)

A solution to this is to copy a series of files to your Magento install and make a small edit in one of the files so that by default the shopping categories are all collapsed but can be expanded upon by selecting the filter or clicking a little + or – sign

We have copied the scripts and the little + or – sign shows up and lists all the shop by filters but the problem we are having is that the filters will not expand to show the shop by options available.

We have asked for support from the developer but they are not willing to provide any support even when its a small fix and unfortunately I don\\\’t know how to fix it.

Below is the link/path to where one can download the files which need to be added in magento

app/design/frontend/default/default/layout/local.xml file

I have uploaded the scripts for anyone to view

I am hoping/praying someone will be able to help me with this issue and can be viewed on

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