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Custom Price For Magento - Online Bargaining and Donations
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Custom Price Magento Extension by FME enables customers to edit price of product on product page. This extension converts potential users to customers since they can bargain at price. They will not leave the cart just because of the price.

How It Works – Customer Specific Pricing

A text field for checking lowest price is added on the product pages. Admin can set lowest allowed price for each product from the backend. Let us take an example, if you have a $500 product and you want to sell it anywhere around $400 to $500 price range then you will enter $400 as the minimum allowed customer price. This Magento Custom Price Extension creates a new tab for each product called “FME Custom Pricing”.

Now customers can check the lowest price on frontend. Any price within the $400 to $500 range will be accepted; if they will enter any other price then error message will be shown. These messages are customizable.  Admin can apply maximum limit for the number of bargain attempts that user can make.


1.  Allows customers to do bargaining
2.  Admin can specify the minimum allowed price
3.  User messages are customizable e.g. when price is accepted, rejected or max attempts are made.
4.  This Magento Donation Extension supports custom options price. Their price will be added to the base price of a product.
5.  Admin can limit max attempts for checking lowest price
6.  Can be used for charity, donation based websites.

Find more information about this extension and view online demo here at:

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