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Newbie suffers from A.D.D. 
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Joined:  2008-03-28

hello magento forum,
i’m just too excited to try out the new magento that i don’t have the patience to read the designer’s guide thoroughly. I speed read the guide and everything sounds great. i don’t know if i understand it all but having a short attention span, i’m going to dive head first.

just a few quick questions:

1) the demo dashboard shows the product photos are being uploaded 1 at a time? is there a way to bulk upload photos?

2) is there a thumbnail generator?

3) can i import/export products via .csv spreadsheet?

4) is there a way to also export customer’s mailing info into Endicia?

5) is it possible to create vendor POs for my store products? and then upload the inventory numbers when received?

thanks for any tips…

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