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CMS Pages won’t show in a New Store View ? 
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Perhaps somebody knows a solution to this following problem.

... after creating a 2nd store setup with a new website, store and store view i went to make new cms pages and directed them to my new store view, when clicking the the preview button i got either directed to the 404 page or to the “home cms” page of my new store setup, which by the way works fine with the new store view. I have tried out the default store view with the newly made cms pages and it worked out fine as well. what i have noticed is that when clicking on the “preview” button it would show following link, which seemed very long and weired (please apologize my lingo i’m an absolute newbie)

here is the links using the “default store view”

and here are the link using the “new store view”

I also noticed that switching of the “Add Store Code to Urls” to “Yes” or “No” determines if it will show a 404 page or the Home CMS Page of the new store.

I don’t know if the other “weiredness” i have noticed relates to the same cause, but the costumized navi buttons my former programmer had made wich chooses an image over the text in the navi shots on or off, depending on the switch of the “Add Store Code to Urls” as well.

If any body were helpful i would be very very happy as i have tried to fix it since days. If you need further Informations please let me know as i just followed the multiple setup tutorials and don’t really know which areas are important to highlight.


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