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Configurable SKUs sometimes (rarely) show up on orders… HOW IS THIS HAPPENING? 
Chris Farley
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Joined:  2008-03-09

We deployed Magento a few weeks ago. We have taken thousands of orders on it.

In 99.999% of cases, our orders do not contain any “configurable” SKUs. Everytime somebody adds a configurable product to their cart, it shows up as a simple product.

I have now seen two orders come through that contain—instead—the “configurable” sku.

In one case, the customer selected a more expensive configuration option, and the product was sold at the wrong price! So this is a serious issue.

I have poured over the web server logs, and it does not seem as if the customers are doing anything odd. I can not reproduce this at all.

Has anybody seen anything like this? I’d like to file a bug report, but I know that it’s useless unless it can be reproduced.

I am running Magento 1.3.1

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