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Beware of Brightpearl - Especialy Magento Community users - There are many bugs that will make your life a nightmare. 
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I am having and incredibly exhausting experience at the moment with brightpearl. There are some major issues I am having using their software.

Is anyone using them?

Is anyone able to share their experience using magento with brightpearl?

I feel like I am going in circles with their technical support because there are no solutions to my problems.

I have been with them coming up to 3 months.

Unfortunately you only discover the softwares failing once you start using it.

It has certainly not delivered what was promised to me before I signed up.

My main concern is around the order processing workflow with magento.

For starters I can’t identify if orders have been paid.

They are unable to help me even after I forked out £2.7K for implementation.

I really disappointed and am even considering trading standards.

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It is basically just a SaaS ERP with some integrations, which is fine if your site is 80% and really 95% standard. The problem with SaaS is that if you are outside of this from both a technical and business process point of view, you will find SaaS too restrictive. It all comes down to your specific circumstances, but it sounds like you have some non-standard approaches which will come under custom development, however they may not be able to handle your scenarios at all which sounds like your situation.

SaaS is fine for standard, but if you have non-standard in any way you will find out 3-6mths later the restrictions. At this point it comes down to trying to get back as much paid as possible and move on writing off any losses, fighting through changing your business processes and limiting further expenditure, requesting some technical updates with further expenditure if they are possible, or a combnination of the two. No easy answers here unfortunately and it is not limited to this SaaS platform, a lot comes down to your business circumstances.

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