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Community Edition Roadmap - Submit and Vote for Your Favorite Features! 
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Joined:  2007-08-29
Los Angeles, CA

We are pleased to announce, by popular demand, a forum for the Magento Community Edition Roadmap.  As promised, with the transition of the Community Edition Roadmap into the hands of the Community Advisory Board (CAB), we would like to start engaging the community and hearing from you about what features and enhancements you would like to help us develop for the future and make their way onto the Community Edition Roadmap.  If you make your way over to the Magento Community Edition Roadmap UserVoice Forums you can start seeding the field and voting on ideas.  Only the best ideas will survive!

If you have another great idea for a forum topic that we could discuss and vote on visit the Magento Community Idea Forum and add your suggestion there.  Topics that are high interest will get their very own forum for talk and votes.

This is a great opportunity to let us hear your thoughts and to have a serious impact on the directions in which the Magento Community Edition will grow in the future.  This is the beginning of a great process through which we can all help shape Magento to be the best Magento it can be!  The power is now in your hands to let your voice be heard.  Speak up, be loud and be proud.

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