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SSL Redirection - Login/My Account Link
Jr. Member
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Joined:  2009-03-11

After hours of searching, this is the closest thread that I came across similar to my issue -

However, it still was no go on figuring out what is wrong with my specific problem.

Below is my current config/settings:

* Magento Version:
* Host: Rackspace Cloud
* Magento site:
* SSL: enabled and installed correctly -
* I have the configuration correctly set under System > Config > Web > Secure URL
* Server rewrite is set to yes
* .htaccess file I have RewriteBase set to: /shop
* I have cleared all cache and refresh it. I have also rebuild catalog rewrites

Still my Login and My Account link on the site is not working. When I hover over the links it’s showing the following:

Notice https:/index is oddly inserted…

If someone can point me towards another possible direction/solution that would be great!

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