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How Do I Edit Pages
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I am trying to follow this guide for adding custom blocks to the footer of my pages -

In the guide it says I need to add and use the following;

For CMS page:

{{block type="zblocks/block" position="position_name"}}

For XML layout:

<block type="zblocks/block" name="block_name">
action method="setPosition">

What is the easiest way to edit the code for my pages and add the above code? I am a total novice in this area, but just wondered how easy/difficult it is and whether I can do this myself?


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The article you are looking at is for a extension. However you can apply static blocks to the footer of your website (assuming it has widgets setup) by going to, CMS>Widgets

Select the following:
Type: CMS Static Block
Design Package/Theme: Select your current theme
Widget Instance Title: Name it (Footer Widget)
Sort Order: Lower numbers are displayed first (eg 1 is displayed before 3)

Click “Add Layout Update”

Display On: All Pages (Or select specific pages/products)
Block Reference: Page Footer (Or the applicable widget for your theme)

Then in the Widget Options tab

Click the “Select Block” button and select the Static block you want to assign to the widget.

Navigate to System>Cache Management
Refresh the block and layout caches.

The block will now be displayed on the front-end of the website

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