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Anyone know…. 
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Well after 2 months and with no solution in sight to the numerous issue i have with magento i am looking for an alternative.

The issues i have are....

1./ Admin keeps logging out to the sign in page

2./ Keep get SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away when editing/deleting products - i believe this to be a server issue but i can’t resolve in as my site is not on a VSP or dedicated server, so i don’t have server side access.

3./ The worse than awful dataflow..... i mean OMG oscommerce is the oldest ecommerce program out there but it can handle import and export of 3500 with out any problems, where as this.... well the most i managed to upload was 25 products and i’ve never managed to export any, though customer export did work.... but then i did only export 2 customers as i had clear my database to try and solve this.

4./ The database is to big, is just is, again look at osc.... product info easily accessible from the database where as mageneto… product info spread out in numerous tables

Now like i said i’ve had enough, so i’m looking for an alternative which is modern like magento any ideas?


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Sounds like you should have switched hosts 2 months ago. Your import issues may well be related to server limitations too. Your database comment makes no sense. Yes, it’s set up differently (EAV) but that doesn’t make it “too big”. Again, sounds like a crap hosting deal.

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