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Sharing images among products
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Joined:  2009-06-14

It appears that each unique sku must have it’s own set of unique image to display for the base image, small image and thumbnails “if” you want/need to use all 3 images. Anyway, I have about 30,000 unique products but I really only have about 25 - 30 unique images.  Given a particular sku I need to show approx 3 of those images.  Right now I’ve got to upload the same images over and over again for each product ( which I’m currently doing usin the soap API ).

Anyway, I tracked down the list.phtml and others that invoke the methods to generate the html for the images and wrote a big old if statement to conditionally display the images.  That was fine, but then there was the product page, then generating the zoom syntax, then the thumbnail, etc..  You see where I’m going..

What I’m looking for and don’t seem to understand is can I override some php somewhere that “retrieves” the image and return a custom location (ie, 1 of the 30 images types).  The logic for “which” image is straight forward and can be derived from parts of my sku.  Anyway, this would result in huge disk space savings for me..

If anyone has any pointers I’d appreciate it.  I’m willing to share code back with anyone if it helps..


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