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Retrieving data from checkout form
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Joined:  2009-07-31

Hi folks,

I’m a novice magento extention developer and my first attempt is coding a paygate module.
I already have coded my models and template files under Local/Mage namespace. I had read
lot of core files so I get acquaintance with platform. My template’s files are based basically on
changes to Payment/Method/Cc template files and there come my problems.
In my model class I got able to retrieve credit card data like CcOwner and CcExpDate, although
none of my customized form elements appears in the payment object. I’m searching wikis and core code
after some configuration I’ve missed, I’m not succeeded so far.

Is it required to register form elements first in order to add them as payment object attributes?
If so, where should I register them? If not, what I missed they didn’t appear in payment object?



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