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Tons of errors on product listing page
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Chicago area

I’ve setup Magento 0.917740 on my local machine (Mac OSX 10.4, built in Apache 1.3, PHP 5.2.2, MySQL 5.0). Downloaded and installed everything fine. I had a problem with my categories displaying, so I installed the sample data to see how it was done, then added my categories to be in the same place. Then I deleted all the sample products and categories through the admin. I’ve added one product so far, and when taking a look at the page when I select my category, I get a page with rows and rows of errors. Here’s a screen shot, scrolled part way down.

Since we’re so close to V1 I may just wait, delete v.9 entirely, and start over from scratch with the production release. I’m not too buried in the project yet, so it’s a thought.

All I’ve changed from the default installation are a few of the images, and a little bit of the style sheet.

Any help that can be given is appreciated.


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