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BUG in bundled product percentage pricing caused SQL fail
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Would like to submit this bug for the Magento team. I am using the latest Magento Maybe this affect the previous version as i just upgraded a week ago from

Created a Bundled product from 4 items. For pricing i used % pricing. The shop frontend worked fine in most of the times, but when i jumped into the admin to make changes in the catalog no matter what action i did there, duplicating, updating etc the database stopped EVERY time. Nothing helped on this just the my restart - if this worked - but many times just the VPS restart.

Needed 2 weeks after i’ve tried many things and the problem was always at the front of me. This product messed up magento and made the admin really unstable. After i deleted everything is working fine again. But before that i received error like this one:
SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1205 Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction

and the sql stopped every time.

there’s a bug with the bundled products when you’re using % pricing. i had hoped the latest update helps on this, but not.

this thing is about the pricing rule i guess. please magento team fix this in the next release.

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