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Majoy Problems
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The one that is able to solve this issue will officially be named ‘Magento Expert of The Year” =)
My site is (replace XYZ with ”tyg”, don’t want google indexing =) )

I have a site running selling shoes. The shoes cost 119 SEK (Swedish currency) each.
I wanted to create so that if you buy 2 pairs of shoes, you get both for 99 SEK each.

I created a shopping cart price rule, in “Actions” i created:

If ALL of these conditions are TRUE:

IF quantity is 2 there should be a fixed amount discount for whole cart of 40 SEK (so that the total order becomes (119 * 2) - 40 = 99 SEK / pair.

I also have a static shipping cost of 39 sek / item in the shopping cart.

So for example if someone orders 2 pairs of shoes total cost would be (119 * 2) - 40 + (39 * 2) = 276 SEK

Now here is the problem
When someone places an order with the specifics mentioned above (2 pairs of shoes) the magento order shoes the right value.
However when the user gets sent to paypal the charge is only 236 SEK for some reason....

I have looked through my settings etc. I first thought that I had set the shipping cost to 39 for the whole cart, and not per item, but that was not the case.

Any idea how this issue can be resolved?

I would be forever greatful for any help I can get on this issue!

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