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Feature request: Radio buttons for configuring a product in front-end
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Joined:  2008-09-12

Research after research show that site visitors act better on radio buttons than on dropdown boxes. It is also clear why: with radio buttons you see all the options in a glance and the option of choice is easily checked.
People prefer “Color:  O red O green O blue” to “Color:  [Please select an option]”

Unforunately, configurable products require dropdown-boxes. That is not a problem in the back-end. But in the front end it is bad for clarity, user-friendliness and most importantly, conversion and sales.

It would be great if products could be configured using radio buttons.

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Joined:  2008-05-19

i agree. i really want this functionality and hate the whole dropdown process of selecting colour then size options. the simple product holds the info for colour and size so i should only have to make one selection in the front end to select the desired product… maybe in the admin panel have the option for dropdown or radio button. i know it can get out of hand when there are lots of options but it would be appropriate when there is only a few.

and yeah, i don’t think the drop downs are user friendly for the general newbie shopper and you do want the options to be browse-able at a glance ... my customers ring me up and get me to walk them through selecting products and don’t even notice their options changing when making selections.

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