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Executing a shopping cart price rule for the whole order
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I need to create a shopping cart price rule which only executes for the total order. If you leave “Maximum Qty Discount is Applied to” to 0, the shopping cart price rule will execute for every item (including the quantity for that item). Take this example… I installed a module which allows you to create a surcharge. Now i want that if the client selects check and money order as his payment method, an extra 3 euros are charged.

If you leave this option to 0 and you have these products:

product a (x2)
product b (x2)
product c (x1)

Then the total surcharge will be: 15 euros (2x2x1)

If you change this option to 1 and you have the same products, the surcharge will be: 9euros which means that 3 euros is charged for every different item.

Does someone know how can I charge for every order?

Many thanks in advance

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