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How to integrate external pricing webservice? 
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First some background
Setting up a webstore for one of our companies, which is a distributor (selling to resellers).  Pricing (our cost & reseller cost) can vary for Product ABC depending on the status of the reseller.  To address this, we built a discount management system internally that speaks via a REST web service to our sales quoting tool. 

For example, a sales person would goto into the quoting tool, specify the customer, then start selecting the SKU’s from our parts database to add the quote.  The parts database only knows list price (msrp), part no & vendor.  What happens on the backend is the quoting tool sends to the discount management system the following:

- vendor code (every product has one)
- reseller code (every customer has one)
- product category (i.e ‘support & training’)

The discount management system then replies back with msrp discounts based on what vendor tier the reseller might belong to and the quoting tool calculates our cost, the resellers cost and our margin.  Here is an example response:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
discounts><reseller>15</reseller><distributor>20.8</distributor ></discounts>

So my question...
As we are setting up a webstore with Magento, i would like to have Magento calculate reseller cost on the fly using the discount management system as well.  I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to get started on how i might tackle this?

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