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Broken Links, Vanishing Styles
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Joined:  2008-03-26

Hi everybody.  On my 3rd time around installing ver 0.9.17740 on Mosso (which meets or exceeds all Magento requirements).  This time I tried using the Package Manager (Beta release), but I’m ending up with the same problem as I did uploading everything via FTP. 

The problems are:
1) no generated links resolve to their intended locations
2) upon adding links in the base URL areas (system, general, web) and clicking ‘save config’ I loose all styles, front-end and back.  Even after removing them via PHPmyAdmin, still no styles.

I can now only navigate in the admin area, not able to save any changes. 

I have verified that I have all files chmod 777, and that the files are ‘owned’ by me and not the server. 

Haven’t seen these exact troubles detailed in the forums, knowledge base, etc, so I thought I’d post.

Kind of (read, totally) stumped, any thoughts would be greatly apprecitated!

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