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How to display a selection of items from a specific category, limited to specific attribute? 
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I would like to use an “accordion” script to show products separated by a specific attribute (in my case, width), for example:

[ - - - - - 5-inch Widgets - - - - - ] <---- this is the “subcategory” header (always visible)
[ item] [item] [item] [item] [etc..] <---- this is the products listing (hidden initially, opens on mouseover/click on header)

[ - - - - - 10-inch Widgets - - - - - ]
[ item] [item] [item] [item] [etc..]

[ - - - - - 15-inch Widgets - - - - - ]
[ item] [item] [item] [item] [etc..]

[ - - - - - 20-inch Widgets - - - - - ]
[ item] [item] [item] [item] [etc..]

As I understand it, in the default approach, the products are added to the category page by the file frontend/default/{theme}/template/catalog/product/list.phtml.

I would like to know, how can I limit the output of list.phtml to “write out” ONLY the products whose {attribute} matches {value}?

Here is my current list.phtml:

(Can’t post here due to character limit).

NOTE: Since I’m using a liquid layout, I’ve changed the Magento default table-based layout to DIV/UL/LI, so I can float the UL - automatically resizing the list of items to fit the screen. Plus, tables suck.

If anyone can figure this out, i.e. how to use Magento’s list.phtml with custom parameters, it would be a huge bonus to any developers trying to integrate accordion scripts or jQuery sliding panels - “I want {this selection} from {this category} right in {here}”.

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