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Bundle - Displaying the price as low as the first product in the bundle? 
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Joined:  2008-03-23

Is it possible to display the bundles price as the first product in the bundle? by setting the order I would assume, then retrieving the price from that?

At the moment, the only method of showing anything other than “As low as 0” or “From 0 - XXX” is to set one item as a required item. In which case, if a customer comes onto it and removes it from the bundle option and starts building another of a series of products, it won’t allow them to travel to the basket and proceed to buying.

Is there any method around this?

So far my only method around this, is to have a series of options, one of these options is required to force a price range of something other than just 0, and instead show a price range of 0 - XXX.

Inside this option, is 2 items, one item is a real item of real worth and the other is a item of zero worth and is named like “None” or such, this then allows the user to select the none product to then proceed in building the other options up.

but surely there must be a better mothod than this? and even with this, there still is the problem of showing £0 - £xxx rather than just As low as £xxx, or calculating the highiest price item in the bundle and the lowest priced item in the bundle and displaying these 2 prices as the price range instead?

Any Suggestions?


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