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I’ve got a business where I don’t actually want to setup a store, but I want to enable my customers to setup stores where they are selling physical goods from our catalog.  There are two methods that we’d want to support:

1. Self-service: allow customers to define some basic things about the store (subset of the catalog, theme, upload their logo).
2. Complete customization: in this case, we would perform the customization to match exactly with what the customer wants.

Additionally, we’d like to enable our customers to post items on their own websites (blogs, etc.) and have that link back to their store.

Can Magento handle this?  I realize it will probably require customization, I’m just wondering how much (on a scale of 1 being “none” and 10 being “everything").

I am guessing we would have to setup a front-end site that accessed Magento via the API to be able to setup the store and control the process - of course, who knows if the API can support all of the actions required to make that work.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!

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