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PLEASE HELP! Setting Up Goolge Base
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Joined:  2009-06-29

I’m new to magento and know zilch on programming. I created a dummy site to run my tests but right from the start things started falling apart after I installed an extension and I couldn’t get anyone to help me.

instead I paid someone to install magento and set the site up for, I don’t want to install or change anything that would “change” anything, because clearly the support for magento isn’t there.

I was lured to Magento for all its benefits from osCommerce, which I still have a site that uses it. for all of osCommerce’s faults which is a lot, at least theres support for it.

so my question is; How do I get my products to show up in Google Product Search (Google Base)?

Here’s some problems I have”

> Magento doesn’t have the “condition” attribute, which is now mandatory for Google
> does export image link, product link
> magento does not associate with a “product id” for each product (or not that I know of)

The attribute mapping does not address any of this?

I managed to export the products using Export Manager (or wtvr its called), converted it to tab delimited and uploaded it to Google Base, though this only uploaded the product to Google Base, and not Google Product Search.

I only have 58 products, so I please someone help me. There has to be a way. I’ve searched every on the internets and these forums and no help at all. I don’t have much faith in a useful response, but this is my last resort.

I apologize if your a Magento Fan and I’m ranting against it, but seriously, I couldn’t get help from the most basic problem in a previous post.


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